Power Pay in Madagascar

Power Pay, Madagascar, SARL was founded in 2016 by Andrew March and Josoah Monja

Electricity in Madagascar

Power Pay has taken first step to a scalable and sustainable way to expand electricity access in Madagascar. The goal is to implement the first phase of a large-scale infrastructure project in order to achieve an electricity distribution system that is profitable, remotely managed and expandable with a grid of any size or type.

Our Goal in Madagascar

Power Pay’s main objective is to implement a solution that will lead to grid stabilization and profitability for electricity operators. The Power Pay system, POWERintel addresses everything needed for electricity distribution to lead to a fully functional, modern electricity grid:

Working Locally

Power Pay is committed to establishing a local workforce capable of training, installing, and maintaining Power Pay systems, wherever they may be located. In-country support will be made available in order to address and resolve any issue or question as quickly as possible.