Revolutionary Distribution

Unique Design

POWERintel is a brand new electricity meter that combines with Power Pay’s cloud monitoring platform. The ultra compact design means that it can be easily and permanently installed for any size - from small industrial appliances to entire cities. Scaling is simple and limitless.

Unique Ideas

We want your electrical operation to be as efficient as possible and save you as much money in the process. Visualize real-time consumption and automatically manage industrial components, apartment units, retail stores, or any power consuming entity – small or large.


The Story of Power Pay

How we got started and where we come from

Andrew and Josoah

Andrew and Josoah

Meeting of the Minds

The idea behind Power Pay came from a long friendship between Andrew March and Josoah Monja. They met in Madagascar in 2007. Ever since, they have engaged in long discussions about Madagascar’s current situation and what it could look like in the future. Josoah’s passion and understanding combined with Andrew’s background as an engineer have worked together to develop a product uniquely suited to address Madagascar’s growing electricity challenges.

Power Pay is Founded

A house lit up by Power Pay’s proof of concept solution

A house lit up by Power Pay’s proof of concept solution

After years of discussion, Power Pay was founded in late 2015 between Andrew’s apartment in Berlin, Germany and Josoah’s house in Ambovombe, Madagascar. A Proof Of Concept was developed to gauge the utility and public acceptance of this kind of revolutionary system. Working with local partners including the University of Ambovombe, the JIRAMA, the Rural Electrification Agency (ADER), the Ministry of Energy, the Tinone association and 20 local homes, a fully formed blueprint for the POWERintel product and implementation was formed.

The Power Pay team in Ambovombe

The Power Pay team in Ambovombe

Enduring Partnerships

To this day, Andrew and Josoah speak almost daily about Power Pay’s next steps in Madagascar and can be accomplished through its energy management system. Seeking new partnerships as well as continually engaging ones forged over the years reveals an organization dedicated to Madagascar’s advancement and well-being like no other.


Power Pay in Madagascar

Power Pay, Madagascar, SARL was founded in 2016 by Andrew March and Josoah Monja

Electricity in Madagascar

Power Pay has taken first step to a scalable and sustainable way to expand electricity access in Madagascar. The goal is to implement the first phase of a large-scale infrastructure project in order to achieve an electricity distribution system that is profitable, remotely managed and expandable with a grid of any size or type.

Our Goal in Madagascar

Power Pay’s main objective is to implement a solution that will lead to grid stabilization and profitability for electricity operators. The Power Pay system, POWERintel addresses everything needed for electricity distribution to lead to a fully functional, modern electricity grid:

Working Locally

Power Pay is committed to establishing a local workforce capable of training, installing, and maintaining Power Pay systems, wherever they may be located. In-country support will be made available in order to address and resolve any issue or question as quickly as possible.